Eight days ago, we showed you the situation of a Cuban family at the border, separated by the CBP One app. On Wednesday, the mother made it across with her 14-year-old son and a few hours later gave birth at a city hospital in El Paso. There, he now faces a new setback and sends a message to the American authorities.

For Marioly Montano, the worst is behind her and with Ashley Belén in her arms, she looks to the future.

We first reported her story on March 3 when she was unable to attend her appointment at the US border because she could not find a place at CBP One for her son. 14 years old.

Five days later, he succeeded and together with Fabio, his son, he arrived in the United States. They were three, counting her husband who had crossed before. In a few hours it would be 4.

In one video, a father is seen celebrating the birth on this side of the wall which is said to have been almost miraculous, although the baby girl will have to stay in hospital a bit longer.

Montano assures that the little girl was born with respiratory irregularities and that the doctors do not exclude that it is due to the intense stress before crossing the border.

As the specialists arrive at a diagnosis, she clings to God and recalls, in passing, the situation of hundreds of women and families who, like them, experience similar circumstances at the border.

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