They have published three videos with some improvements and differences in the mechanics of this new installment of the iconic saga

Many years have passed since CS: GO It’s officially released, it’s the latest and longest installment in the iconic FPS saga. Counter-Strike. One of the most successful titles not only of Valve, but the whole world in the competitive environment. It has been rumored for some time that CS: GO was going to switch to the new engine Valve Source 2. Finally, it has already been confirmed as Counter-Strike 2.

After several years, counter strike 2 resonated loudly among fan rumors of CS: GO. Actually, yesterday it was rumored that the announcement of this delivery was imminent. Well, that’s how it happened, but that’s also it It was not an announcement without more, but they shared Up to three videos with some differences from CS:GO. Would you like to take a look?

Everything we know right now about Counter-Strike 2

The first thing to remember is that These videos were shared on the official channel of Valve In Youtube. Let’s get to the first and most important details:

  • Although no platform was mentioned, most likely will be a PC exclusive
  • have confirmed that will arrive in the summer of 2023
  • CS: GO will disappear, since this is a FREE game upgrade to Counter-Strike 2
  • all each CS:GO player’s inventory goes Counter-Strike 2, so nothing to fear

Differences in smoke grenades

The first thing they shared is differences in smoke grenades. This object is one of the greatest utilities of CS: Come on, but here they will take on roles, although similar, somewhat different. Now things like that have changed smoke will interact much more with light and even with the fire of blows. Also smoke can be cleared with explosive grenades and the smoke will realistically fit the space it is launched into.

Map changes

As expected, no sudden map changes but there are many improvements in textures, lighting and changes in some areas remove, add or move toppings. You can see it in the video that I left for you.

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