Colombian who went to be vaccinated in the US was lost and is found after a month near Miami

Colombian who went to be vaccinated in the US was lost and is found after a month near Miami

Miguel Ángel Roldán, a 23-year-old Colombian, was found after a month by the authorities of Broward County (Florida). The citizen came to Los Angeles to get vaccinated for coronavirus and disappeared when he was stopping at the Miami airport.

As reported by The Miami Herald, Miami-Dado County Police spokesman Álvaro Zabaleta said that they led Roldan to a hospital in the City of Hollywood to be evaluated and is joined by his mother Alejandra Córdoba, who previously traveled to Miami.

The young Colombian’s mother thanked the people who participated in the search, which was last seen in the well-known 2100 block of NW 42 Avenue.

Thank you very much, I am very happy, you helped me too much. He hugged me (when he saw his son), he knows I am his mother. I already made him sleep for a while”, recounted Córdoba in a video of the “Zona 33” foundation for Colombians living abroad, which supported the location.

Córdoba indicated that her son suffers from a type of depression. For this reason, it is believed that this could have caused a crisis and kept him out of touch.

How did he get lost?

For a month dozens of volunteers were looking for Miguel Ángel Roldán, especially in the area of Miami, in the last days together with his mother who had arrived from Colombia.

The young man decided to get vaccinated for coronavirus in the United States and took the opportunity to visit a friend in California. On July 24, he arrived at Miami on a flight from Los Angeles, and then board another flight to Medellín (Colombia), his hometown, but did not travel.

His trail was lost at the Miami airport, from where he left at around 5 in the afternoon and did not return to board, as evidenced by security camera recordings.

According to Zone 33, Miguel Angel Roldan had nothing with him when he disappeared except his Colombian passport, his plane ticket and $40, because in Los Angeles he lost his backpack with his other belongings, including his cell phone.

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