A new accusation of sexual harassment arose against Chris Cuomo , one of the star presenters of the television network CNN , days before the network announced his official dismissal in the middle of an investigation into the work he carried out to defend his brother of similar remarks.

At first, CNN pointed out the indefinite suspension of Chris Cuomo after it was learned that the presenter had participated in the design of the communication strategy to shield the governor, who had been accused of sexual harassment by several of his former collaborators.

Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending [the findings of] a further evaluation of the new information that came to light about his involvement in his brother’s defense, CNN explained.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo charged with sexual harassment

Just last month, the 51-year-old host hosted the show “Cuomo Prime Time”; However, in recent days he stopped doing so due to the investigations against him and his brother, which at the time cost him the resignation of Andrew as governor of New York .

On Monday, testimony and text messages posted by the New York attorney general revealed that host Chris Cuomo had played a more committed role in his brother’s political management than CNN knew.

After this and the television station suspending the presenter after showing that Chris Cuomo had taken a much more active role than was believed, a woman decided to show her face and raise her voice.

Attorney Debra Katz disclosed that her client had been the victim of “serious sexual misconduct” by Chris Cuomo . Given the facts, CNN announced the dismissal of the journalist, but the only thing that was mentioned was that “additional information had come to light,” without giving further details about it.

Hearing Chris Cuomo’s hypocritical words on the air, and upset by his attempts to discredit these women, my client took advice to report his gross sexual misconduct against her to CNN, Katz said in a statement.

How will CNN act in the face of the accusation against Chris Cuomo?

The new accusation of sexual harassment comes after Shelley Ross, a veteran television executive, wrote a column for The New York Times last February in which she noted that Cuomo had improperly touched her at a party 16 years ago, when they both they worked for ABC News.

In this regard, the journalist told the newspaper: “I apologized to her at that time, and I was sincere.” Chris Cuomo’s behavior is now being examined after the new information was released, and a law firm hired to help with the investigation recommended that CNN fire the news anchor.

On the other hand, the director of CNN , Jeff Zucker mentioned “It goes without saying that these decisions are not easy to make, and that there are many complex factors involved.”

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