ensure Charlie Puth there Sabrina Carpenter together – professionally – it was something we didn’t know we needed, but here it is and we’re deep inside. And it is that the singer has published a 13-second TikTok on the new teaser of his new collaboration.

Although the fragment he uploaded to TikTok doesn’t show much about the sound of this future song (we barely hear the first chords), we can see part of the video clip in which the story takes place.

As they play the board game Operation in the living room by candlelight, Sabrina takes the piece of the patient’s heart – “It’s not going to beep because I’m a professional”, she says – to which Charlie exclaims, “I wish I knew you had a little heart…” That’s when they both kiss and the clip ends, leaving the rest to fans’ imaginations.

Many followers responded to the confused clip. Especially because the artist formalized his courtship with Brooke Sansone last December, a childhood friend with whom he reconnected… and how! For her part, Sabrina has been linked to Shawn Mendes in recent weeks.

According to the description of the video, this with It will arrive on March 31 and will not come as a duo, but also by Dan + Shay, for which the American producer has also added.

The mentioned title track At the moment it is unknown, but it is possible that we will find out in the next few days. As we already mentioned before, the few musical notes that sound in this lead could be around It’s a hilarious remix.

Charlie Puth released his self-titled third studio album, Charlie, on October 7th. After several singles, the artist could think of giving a new life to some of the songs of this project.

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