If we look back and think about the great anime of 2022, there will be a lot of people who forget to name Chainsaw ManAnd personally, I’m pretty sorry. studio adaptation MAP knew very well how to capture the essence of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga and He knew how to add this “cinematic” touch which differentiates it from other similar series. However this approach did not appeal to Japanese audiences to the point that dozens of users started harassing the anime director on the networks.

Luckily The reception of Chainsaw Man in the West has been very positive And yes, he is getting the recognition he deserves. One of the most questioned sections of the series was its use of CGI in combat, and despite this, the work has been selected to compete for a prize in one of the most important film festivals on the planet.

Chainsaw Man can take the “gold” in Annecy

  • the jury of Annecy Festival (the most prestigious competition in the animated film industry) selected Chainsaw Man compete in the category of “Best Animated TV Series” of 2022
  • The new edition of Annecy Festival will take place between the days June 11 and 17so we will have to wait a few months to meet the winner
  • In addition to Chainsaw Man, the anime world has ONI: Thunder God’s Tale as the representative of the best seriesa mini-series from Tonko House studio that competes with its episode “The Demon Moon Rises”

When Could Chainsaw Man Season 2 Be Announced?

At this time, MAPPA has made no announcement regarding a sequel to Chainsaw Man.However, there is no shortage of reasons to believe that the study will continue to bet very heavily on this license.

A few months ago, several insiders mentioned that fans of the work should pay attention to an anime special event that will take place in May, and just the next day is the special MAPPA stage… Too much coincidence , No ?

My triple is that the second season will arrive in 2024.

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