Gatorland Park in Orlando recently posted a video that can give anyone a nightmare.

“CHAINSAW IN ACTION,” warns the headline of the clip that shows the amazing Cuban crocodile in the park running in slow motion in an enclosure.

Yes, you read it right.

A worker stays a few steps ahead as the crocodile gallops toward him, jaws open.

At one point, the video speeds up and you can see how fast the creature can run.

Some people were amazed by the speed of the reptile:

“It’s like a leopard,” one user wrote.

“Holy crap,” said another.

“Wow. Never seen that before,” another contributed.

“Wait a minute,” asked one of the users on social networks. “Do they move that fast?”

In fact, they do.

Crocodiles are capable of running an average of seven miles per hour (for short distances) and swimming up to 12 mph.

Despite the name, Gatorland in honor of alligators, one of Central Florida’s oldest attractions, offers plenty of opportunities to see crocodiles, too.

“These majestic creatures live alongside our American alligators,” reads the 110-acre wildlife preserve’s website. “You can tell them apart because crocodiles have lighter skin and a pointed snout, while alligators have a large, rounded nose. Also, when a crocodile’s mouth is closed, you can see the upper and lower teeth, but with alligators, usually only the upper teeth are visible.”

Chainsaw is a Cuban crocodile, a small to medium sized species, but is considered “highly aggressive” with cannibalistic tendencies. They used to inhabit the Caribbean abundantly, but are now listed as critically endangered.

“It’s true that crocodiles tend to be more aggressive than alligators, so if you come across any of them in the wild, stay away!” the park warns.

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