The program of Resistance Hosted by David Broncano, he always ends up starring in TV moments with his guests, like Lele Pons Guaynaa’s Little Sweater or Ana Mena’s Response to Sex. These are recently joined by Miquel Montoro, known as the boy who kept saying the phrase “Hotia, pilots!”. The 17-year-old young man, to whom the presenter promised a beautiful birthday party when he comes of age, went to the set of this Movistar + show this Tuesday, April 11, to tell what his daily life looks like in the field. . And between narration and narration, he ended up witnessing something unusual. Attentive!

Miquel explained that one of his great passions was knives, a hobby Broncano was familiar with; which led him to give her a present a year ago. However, the young man did not know the curious story behind it, and Broncano himself was the first to reveal it when the show aired: “You are already 17, I can tell you”. The presenter, laughing and somewhat embarrassed, began by saying that he could finally tell her this story, which he had already done with several of his friends. “I asked your mother for the address there, Mallorca, via Amazon, one I knew was good and such. And after the weeks I had to cAlso buy condoms. About 70 or 80 for one thing. I didn’t want to go down to the pharmacy because it was difficult for me to ask for so many and after a week they weren’t coming and so I thought that was the last address I would go to. sent something,” he said between laughing and a little embarrassed.

Which triggered laughter and applause from everyone present and even from Miquel himself. In fact, Broncano came clean and said he came to imagine that the police were asking him what was his reason for sending a knife and a hundred condoms to a minor under the age of 14. Fortunately, no one had to ask them these questions because the package did not arrive at Miquel’s house in the end, but, without a doubt, it was a most striking anecdote.

Other highlights of his visit to Resistance

Broncano also shared with everyone present and viewers the video that Miquel sent him the moment he opened the package and saw the long-awaited knife. “I love. Moreover, with this case, I will now be able to go to school with my knife,” he commented very excitedly.

Miquel also spoke about her love for food and country life. Indeed, he reported that this Tuesday, April 11, early in the morning, he already had a little pig who said hello to him, which made him particularly happy. Moreover, the young man openly said that he could not imagine living in such a big city as Madrid. Another detail that did not go unnoticed was that her best time of day was during breakfast, especially if there were calluses.

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