Spot: Boston Dynamics’ robot dog now protects Pompeii excavations

Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Now Protects Pompeii Excavations

Have you ever visited the archaeological park of Pompei? Well, if you’ve never done this then the time has really come for you to remedy to this important lack on your part, since it gives Spot has decided to come and meet you, giving you one more reason to visit one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in our Italy!

For those who do not know what we are talking about, Spot others is but a robot of Boston Dynamics characterized by incredibly advanced technologies that allow it to move on the scene with an agility and one safety that frankly leave you speechless, breathless.

The little robotic “dog” then decided to break into that god Excavations of Pompeii wandering around the place with the desire to discover every secret hidden in that incredibly fascinating place, which we remember embellishes the peninsula Sorrentinain Campania.

And the aforementioned robot has in fact decided to take one day off from his usual daily duties, which see him dance with an incredible mastery of movements, or even practice sport flawlessly and without suffering any effort (for obvious reasons of course), to accept the job offered by the association that manages the excavations of Pompeii.

Spot decided to change his life by becoming the “protector” of Pompeii

But what we have reported above may seem extraordinary for a normal robot, but not for Spot, given that by now for him these are trivial activities and on the agenda. And precisely for this reason, the little robot that seems to come from the future has decided to take on the role of a reckless and unstoppable guardian of Pompeii.

The creation of Boston Dynamics he then became the protagonist of a video that shows him wandering around the excavations of the iconic city destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD, showing himself incredibly sure of himself even on the floors for obvious reasons disconnected and formed by large stones, and not very comfortable to cross, that characterize this place of ancient Rome.

Furthermore, the little robotic dog did not limit himself to moving among the rough terrain of the archaeological park of Pompei but he also took it upon himself to carry out the area monitoring, scanning the individual areas of the finds through the latest technologies that it presents inside, such as the flying laser scanner Leica BLK2FLY which allows him to scan the surrounding environment very quickly.

And the deftly important thing is that this data is then sent to the researchers who elaborate them to understand how to keep the place intact, restoring it where it is needed. In the end Spot also holds the role of protector of the excavations, driving away the delinquents who may be interested in stealing or ruining some new archaeological finds discovered by archaeologists.