President Biden’s executive order increases the background checks that are done before selling a gun.

He signed in Monterey Park, Calif., where a gunman shot and killed 11 people earlier this year. The order also aims to crack down on arms dealers who break the law.

The executive order does not directly conflict with a Florida bill that would allow gun owners to carry guns without the license that is now required. The state government is also considering raising the gun purchase age from 21 to 18, with the age of 21 set after the Parkland shooting.

Republican State Rep. Danny Pérez says, “We put a lot of detail in the law that says when you go and buy guns, you have to wait 3 days if a person doesn’t have the mental capacity to get these weapons, that she does They give you the possibility to buy weapons in stores, we are not going to change many of these details.

But those advocating for greater gun safety say Florida’s changes will only bring more violence.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, whose life changed forever after being shot, was in South Florida to highlight an exhibit of artwork on gun violence.

“I had to re-learn a lot of things like walking, talking and fighting to make the nation safer,” Gioffords said.

His foundation is asking that the changes not be approved in Florida.

Debbie Murcasel Powell of the Giffords Foundation says: “We’ve seen many studies where states that have passed these kinds of laws see an 11-15% increase in the rate of violence and it’s much higher in urban cities. “.

For the Republican majority in the Florida state legislature, it’s about their rights.

Republican State Rep. Juan Carlos Porras said, “and not having to bring in these government regulations to be able to defend our families.”

The gun measures could be discussed in full Senate and House sessions this week.

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