All preventive care offered by Obamacare is maintained.

“There is no change in the law at this time. Consumers have a contract with insurers and promises of preventive care are still included.

The United States government has appealed a Texas judge’s decision to eliminate vital preventive health services such as cancer screening tests and contraceptives from primary health care.

Political and health experts say the government’s call is critical at a time when states across the country, like Florida, are restricting abortion laws.

Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling, appealed by the Biden administration, matches a lawsuit brought by two religious organizations that alleged that the provision of health insurance that covers HIV prevention drugs, such as PREP , the human papilloma vaccine, contraceptives and tests for sexually transmitted diseases violated “their religious beliefs by making them complicit in facilitating and abetting homosexual behavior, drug use and sexual activity out of wedlock between a man and a woman”.

Whatever type of change there might be would only be after 2024. People should now be assured that there is no change to their coverage.

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