bad bunny he’s on his way to becoming, if he isn’t already, one of the most versatile artists we’ve seen in recent years. He is known to all for his incredible musical talent which led him to become one of the biggest international stars of recent times. But the thing does not stop there. Because in addition to making his debut on the small television screen, he wanted to have fun on the free wrestling.

For some time now, the Puerto Rican soloist has been a recurring figure within Wrestemania and RawMania showing great moments like those of the last few days on Raw. He first had the pleasure of hosting one of his great friends, Mystery King.

But it wasn’t all going to be good news and from that point on, Bad Bunny already knows what it’s like to take a beating at RawAfterMania. The singer returned to Wrestlemania nights and was left unconscious after hitting Dominik Mysterio when he tried to attack him after having a rather tense one-on-one.

The blow angered Damien Priest who defended his friend and beat up the Puerto Rican artist. First by taking him out of the stands, then by lifting him up and dropping him brutally against a table. An extraordinary blow whose sound was heard by the whole pavilion.

The clash became one of the highlights of the night and images of Bad Bunny flying through the air and then landing with his back to the table were seen around the world. As the reggaeton player explained a few months ago, this 2023 he was going to take things more relaxed and he was going to dedicate all his time to rest and fun.

It looks like the RawAfterMania fighters also seem to have to follow their rest plan even if it means sending him to the hospital with a beating to keep his promise. We have no doubt that this won’t be the final installment in this showdown featuring Bad Bunny and the Mysteries. Will we soon see Bad Bunny step into the ring to face his enemies in a wrestling match?

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