Attention players! If you played in the Florida Lottery it is important that you know that there are prizes that have not been claimed and are going to expire.

As reported by the Florida Lottery, there are 5 Fantasy 5 jackpot winning tickets that will expire on June 15 if they are not claimed by those who purchased the ticket.

Apparently the tickets were sold in 2020 and the prizes range between more than 110 thousand dollars and 54 thousand. The Florida Lottery published the winning numbers of these 5 prizes so that users can verify if they are in possession of the ticket.

Winning Florida Lottery Tickets

  1. A quick pick ticket worth $ 111,721.98 from the September 25 drawing that was sold at Publix, 18496 Northwest 67th Avenue in Miami. The winning numbers were: 3-9-25-29-31.
  2. A quick pick ticket worth $ 87,843.30 from the July 20 drawing that was sold at Tubby’s Liquors, 6980 West McNab Road in Tamarac. The winning numbers were: 11-22-26-30-31.
  3. A quick pick ticket worth $ 45,397.87 from the August 18 drawing that was sold at Kwik Stop, 790 East 57th Street in Hialeah. The winning numbers were: 5-9-12-18-28.
  4. A ticket worth $ 87,957.69 from the July 13 drawing that was sold at Publix, 1150 Malabar Road Southeast in Palm Bay. The winning numbers were: 10-15-21-23-33.
  5. A $ 54,435.07 ticket from the August 1 drawing that was sold at Circle K, 744 South US Highway in Satsuma. The winning numbers were: 6-9-15-28-32.

To start the claim process in case you have the ticket that proves it as such, it is necessary to go to a Florida Lottery office before midnight on June 15. If you want any information, you can call 850-487-7787 or visit the web portal

The Florida Lottery is the lottery managed by the state of Florida, which is headquartered where the state legislature has it, in Tallahassee. The games organized by the Lottery include Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto , M $ ney, Fantasy 5, Play4, and Ca $ h3.

When each user hits the numbers, the joy is immense and the money flows in quantities. But every game not only wins the lucky user but also all students in the state through the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF).

Each winner must pay a tax on the amount of their prize and this money goes to education programs. For example, in the last 31 years of the creation of this fund, 35 billion dollars have already been transferred.

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