U.S. search for “armed and dangerous” man who murdered his five neighbors

Suspect on the run after shooting at point-blank range a family in Texas who asked him to stop making so much noise

Police in Texas (United States) are continuing their search for the man who killed his five neighbors, including an 8-year-old boy, when they asked him to keep the noise down.
Authorities initially searched a wooded area near the Cleveland neighborhood where the shooting occurred, but eventually lost track of 38-year-old suspect Francisco Oropeza.
Residents have expressed concern that Francisco Oropeza remains at large. In fact, the FBI’s Houston office warned the public on Sunday that if they see Oropeza not to confront him because he is considered “armed and dangerous.”

“He’s out there and he’s a threat to the community,” agent James Smith told reporters, adding that the search area has been expanded and the fugitive “could be anywhere.”

Authorities also advanced that they have found an AR-15 rifle – the one allegedly used in the murders – as well as clothing and a cell phone, but are unsure if the suspect has another weapon with him.
The events took place this Friday night, when Oropeza was in the backyard of his home shooting with a rifle. The family next door approached Oropeza and asked him to please stop making so much noise because there was a baby trying to sleep.

Instead of stopping, Oropeza got angry, grabbed the gun and cold-bloodedly killed half of the people living next door.

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