New batch of Service Titles can now be downloaded on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

There are months that are better than others depending on your preference for weather, not dying of a spring allergy attack, wanting it to get dark at a time that doesn’t coincide with when you finish your nap; all are valid, but there is another one that you may not see coming (or yes, because I imagine you have read the title before entering this same news): the games that are offered in video game subscription services; PlayStation Plus Essential being the one I’m going to focus on here. Of course, before starting the move, I leave you with some links that you might also be interested in:

April 2023 PS Plus Essential games

Availability to download

  • All PS Plus Essential games for April 2023 are now available for download
  • The games will remain available until the arrival of next month, the day March 2, 2023
  • You don’t need to download them to make them your own. Just go to the PS Store and add them to your library to download and enjoy whenever you want (yes, with the active subscription)

Meet your maker

Meet Your Maker is a base building video game in which we will have to build a large dungeon around a core so that other players try to besiege it until they reach it; something we can also do with creations made by other users in the community.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The legendary PlayStation character finally returns with a 3D platformer full of color and worlds to explore. If you like the genre, I’d give it a shot without thinking twice.

iron tails

It is a two-dimensional Metroidvania video game that uses some elements that characterize the soulslike genre. Its art section is amazing and its plot promises to be more than meets the eye.

Finally, I can only remind you that, even if you don’t want to download these games, by adding them to your library from the PS Plus tab, You will keep them forever and you can access them when you subscribe to the service.

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