Andy and Lucas promotes their new album with which they celebrate their two decades of musical career. Versions of 20 of his most successful songs have sounded in recent months on major platforms for his audience. And in one of their promotional interviews with the Europa Press agency, the Cadiz duo were involved in a notable controversy.

This new album, of which we already know three advances, looks back on his career with great friends and fellow musicians. And asked if there’s anyone they wouldn’t sing for, Andrés Morales and Lucas González They explained their position: “If they call us at Gay Pride, we go there too. We make music. Another thing is that they call me Bildu. If they call me Bildu, I don’t I won’t go, they’re members of ETA and they If you go with Catholics, you’re right-wing or far-right If you go with gays, you’re ultra-left We don’t belong to anyone. We are our homeland. My flag is my son.”

Words that did not please the Basque Country too much and which generated a whole torrent of critical responses against them. Most of them are from public officials of the aforementioned political party who have reversed their words.

“I don’t think any EH Bildu council has thought of hiring this group of ‘comedians’. We always think about the benefit of the public. ” tweeted Jon Iñarritu, EH Bildu MP in Madrid . “Here is an election promise with, given the experience, great social support: If we govern, Andy & Lucas will not return to Durango, neither for them nor for us ” wrote Ima Garrastatxu Urbaneja, Mayor of Durango .

In return, Andy and Lucas also received a few messages of support from those who support their statements: “Bravo for @_AndyyLucas_ There are still people who have values ​​and who respect the victims of Assassins, kidnappers, extortionists Thank you @_AndyyLucas_ #NiOlvidoNiPerdón” or “They speak the truth” were some of the messages that supported his words.

What is clear is that the duo is currently at the center of the controversy between detractors and defenders. A summary that we could define as this Twitter user: “If I were your representative, right now I would be terribly angry They just walked on quicksand We’ll see if their image comes out unscathed of mouth-chanclas “.

Each subsequent message Andy and Lucas send turns into a new barrage of criticism. That’s exactly what happened two days later when they assured that “we don’t like to be called liberals or appearances. We’re normal. That’s what we want to be called. Because that we’re normal, you’re the weird one”.

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