Ana Mena is experiencing one of the sweetest moments of her career: after becoming No. 1 in record sales the first week of release of Bellodrama, succeed with his performance in LOS40 Primavera POP and by starting the Bellodrama Tour with two sold-out ticket offices in La Coruña and Barcelona, ​​we can say that 2023 will be their year.

And it is that the Italian-Malagueña started the year realizing the dream of releasing her second album five years after the arrival of Hinthis first album. A project he has shaped over the past two years and from which we have been able to listen to five singles until date: Light music, 12 o’clock, A classic, Me he pillao x ti there Slowlywhich saw the light of day with the premiere of Bellodrama.

In the past few hours, however, pWe can confirm this with Slowly the singles of this new musical scene do not end. We know that Ana Mena is staying for a while with a concert tour that will tour major venues in Spain (including the Wizink Center in Madrid in September) and now the recording a new music video is closer than ever.

This is how the woman from Estepona revealed through her Instagram stories, uploading a photo of Barcelona where, on the computer screen, You can see a presentation whose title is “Vestuario Videoclip —– Ana Mena” with the name of the song crossed out and some diamonds covering the rest of the slides so as not to leave any surprises.

Ana Mena via Instagram Stories / Instagram stories / @anamenaoficial

At the moment this is the only information that has been revealed, the dates of the shooting and the future release of the single are unknown, although the singer has said in more than one interview that she would like to release her “song of the summer” this yearas usual in his career since the success of would light up (included as a bonus track on the disc).

In this way, songs like cry in the disco oh I fall They could be ideal candidates to be part of this new list of singles for the summertwo of the favorites of the public which were heard only at the release of the album and which represent very well all the essence of the project.

Whichever singer is chosen, we’re sure no one will be disappointed. The artist has become a guarantee of success and a tireless factory of hits and Whether you’re a galactic jerk, a girl with an erratic pulse, or a romantic who broke the record for crying alone at the disco, there’s an Ana Mena song for you.

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