People seem to be excited about the Pixel 7a, and we don’t blame them, because the hype train has been in full swing for a while now. We first saw some images of the next Google phone in the hands of a tester the company.

Then we hear rumors about the release date, with some pricing theories leave soon after. At this point, we wouldn’t blame anyone who thinks there’s no more information left to post.

But the reality can surprise us, and in this case, said surprise comes in a rather unconventional way, and it is that Has anyone put a prototype up for sale? of Pixel 7a (supposedly legitimate) on the sales portal eBay.

Google Pixel / ebay

The seller described the unit as a “very collectible device”, but also notes that the phone technically does not work. However, Google’s phone appears to be in excellent condition.

At first glance, the auction (which had a starting price of $1,650) was canceled before anyone could buy the phone. No information could be found as to whether the seller was forced to cancel the auction, but what people would like to know is how the phone was handled.

Like any eBay auction, it will uploaded some photos of the unit. On the back of the phone, you could see what’s called the “Google prototype indicator” and a different logo where you’d normally find the brand’s familiar G.

As we mentioned above, the phone would not start, which would have made it a simple paperweight having reached the end of the auction. Mind you, a rather unique paperweight.

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Google Pixel 7a / ebay

From one of the screenshots, you can gather the following information, which isn’t much, but don’t give a damn: you’ll get 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of storage.

While this doesn’t reveal anything new about the Pixel 7a, it’s still a very special case. The story of how this phone got to eBay will remain unknown.although there are usually many hands with access to certain devices, and he would not be the first to want to collect a salary at the expense of the company.

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