Amazon’s Top 51 Recent Movies

Amazon’s Top 51 Recent Movies

The definitive guide with the best Prime Video movies released recently

Maybe First video It does not stand out for having a large number of original films, but for releasing films much earlier than the competition. In this way, in the list of the best recent Prime Video movies, we find the entire Agent 007 franchise, Scream, Veneciafrenia or even Snake Eyes: The Origin, among many others. Are you ready to read the most complete guide for lovers of the film industry subscribed to the platform of streaming?

What are the 51 best Prime Video movies in 2022?

The 27 films of agent 007

A big surprise in First video been the incorporation of the 27 films of agent 007; Since Agent 007 vs. Dr. Nountil no time to die. In total, more than 60 hours of sequences which become an unmissable event for any subscriber to the streaming platform, whether or not they know the saga. Moreover, it is the only app that features Daniel Craig’s latest adventure as James Bond.


Early last year it was released in theaters Shoutthe reboot as a sequel to the classic slasher done by ghost face. Is also the best episode of the franchise since its debutin the 90s. And the good news is that Scream 6 is on the waythus guaranteeing the future of the brand.

Scream is scary and it’s on Prime Video

candy man

candy man hit theaters in 2021 as a very promising horror movie, sequel to candy man, mastery of the mind. Unfortunately, it could not compete with this cult film directed by Bernard Rose and created in 1992, but the technical care given to Nia Da Costa at any time, allowing a whole new generation to rediscover this myth.


I had the honor of having fun at the cinema Grandmotherand I pity all of you who are going to have to go all the way First video. This is a film to be enjoyed on the big screen and in the dark, with very dark and dark scenesand a plot that hooks you from start to finish.


The public turned their backs on Veneciaphreniathe last movie of Alex de la Iglesia. But the truth is that it is And slasher very entertainingtaking place in a city more beautiful than ever and with a cast that lives up to expectations: Ingrid Garcia Johnson, Silvia Alonso, Goize Blanco there Alberto Bang they are placed in the hands of a secret society that will do everything possible to destroy tourism in Venice.

moon fall

Although Moonfall is an ugly movie, part of its charm lies in the absurdity of its plot development.. Think of how the Moon falls to Earth, and suddenly the protagonists wonder if what’s inside our satellite is really what we knew about it… All this with dialogues that try to make themselves interesting, without being interesting at all.


Titanium is the perfect example of a film that is not intended for all audiences: a violent thriller with dramatic overtones in which Julia Ducournauits director, excels in every possible way. Won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festivaland swept other competitions such as the BAFTA or the National Board of Review.

This is the first scene of Titanium
Titanium won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year.

Time is up

A dramatic romance starring Bella Thorne whose greatest quality is precisely this: an actress who comes directly from disneynow to star in a movie on Prime Video shot entirely in Italy.


Not only is it one of the best movies on Prime Video : it is also an essential cassette for any history lover and Lady Di. Kristen Stewart eats the screen and shows that she should have won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best actress.

deep waters

Ben Affleck there Ana de Armas They play in intense drama much better than the critics are saying. Although there are huge differences from the novel written by Patricia Highsmiththe chemistry between the two performers (they were a couple at the time) is brutal and crosses the screen.

The substitute

Ricardo Gomez stars in this drama based on true events and set in the 80s that revolves around the last Nazis hidden in our country. It’s a very attractive film, with silences that work and very well-written dialogue. An example of how the present still has important links with the past.

Úrsula Corberó, the most interesting thing about Snake Eyes: The Origin

Snake Eyes: The Origin

The GI Joe spin-off is a watered-down action movie starring Henry Golding whose greatest attraction lies in seeing Úrsula Corberó as a villain during his first appearance in Hollywood. I don’t know if it helped you too much, because you just had another project: Elevatorthe news of F. Gary Garyin which he will have a more secondary role.

the world belongs to you

Third installment of the Andalusian satirical comedy directed by Alphonse Sanchez and run by him and his ‘compadre’, the always hilarious Albert Lopez. Even if the freshness is lost in front The world is Ours there the world belongs to youit still works.

The perfect man

Alma is a scientist who works at the famous Pergamon Museum in Berlin. In order to obtain funds for his research, he agrees to take part in an unusual study. For three weeks, he will live with a humanoid robot programmed to match his personality and needs. that is how Alma meet To Ma developed machine created solely and exclusively to make her happy.

The hunt

It’s been a long time coming, but this 2020 film produced by Blumhouse Productions swept away First video. A kind of black comedy with terrifying overtones that has become a very good surprise in the platform’s catalog. streaming.

Kristen Stewart is a wonderful Lady Di in Spencer

Officers 355

An attempt to recapture the spirit of Ocean’s Eleven and replacements, with a luxury cast (Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger there Lupita Nyong’o), but full of imperfections that rob it of the success it aspired to as a film. Neither in the halls nor in First video got good reviews.


Smile it was one of the most successful horror films of the last year. Although many have called it a revolution of the genre, the truth is that the film does not innovate too much. Even so, Smile continues to be a very enjoyable story, full of scares and big tense moments.

The Orphan: First Murder

You don’t need to have seen The Orphan to enjoy this prequel, but it’s still a can’t-miss horror movie. First Murder, chronicles the origins of murderess Esther, a grown woman who has the body of a daughter because of a strange medical condition.

the orphan's first murder

the english spy

If you are a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatchyou have here a very interesting war movie starring the actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universealthough with a very different tone. During the Cold War between the United States and Russia, engineer Greville Wynne infiltrates MI6 as a spy..

ice road

Liam Neeson is the absolute star of a whodunnit of action and catastrophes which surprises more by its powerful technical section, than by its cold and icy interpretations.

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

Last volume of the saga Hotel Transylvaniawho also says goodbye without a theatrical release because First video He bought it when the pandemic was still scaring producers and distributors. Despite everything, a very funny film with all the charm of the franchise that brought so much joy to Sony Pictures Animation.

Hotel Transylvania 5
The Hotel Transylvania finale, sadly, is now available on Prime Video

After: Lost Souls

After: Lost Souls is a dramatic romance young adult that reduces your charm to nothing. Cardboard dialogues, actors and actresses who don’t know where they are, and boring sex scenes.

The lost city

A romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, completely in line with the mythical Tras el corazón verde. The Lost City tells the story of a romantic novelist who ends up living out the plot of one of her most popular books.


dog treats an ex-soldier with PTSD who is tasked with bringing a military dog ​​to his friend’s funeral. The film tackles serious themes like war, trauma, family, and death, but also has a healthy dose of comedy to lighten it up.


Garcia and Garcia

Spanish comedy starring Jose Mota there Pepe Viyuela that entertains and will make you smile. Of course, don’t wait any longer, because you won’t find it (and maybe the humor is a bit rancid…).

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