just a few months ago, Mark ZuckerbergCEO of MetaI was still so convinced that the Metavers it would be the next step for the internet that the very idea justified the countless billions of dollars the company had already invested and promised to spend even more in the future.

But since then, the speech sounds quite different, it seems. In a long and comprehensive article published in The Information, Meta has completely dropped the term “Metaverse” when presenting collaborations to potential partners. Among other things, he states:

“Meta no longer talks about the metaverse in conversations with its advertisers, but instead tries to get them to support its short videos and TikTok-like AI tools. This is in stark contrast to last year, when a word on two on Zuckerberg’s idea was “metaverse,” in what he hoped would be the future of the Internet.

This is quite the opposite of approximately $4.3 billion spent not reality labs only in the last trimesterand that the Metaverse was also the reason they changed their name to Meta.

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