All the details of Pau Gasol’s evening: the Lakers will retire his jersey

All the details of Pau Gasol’s evening: the Lakers will retire his jersey

In February 2008, a young Paul Gasol Has become the sixth player to wear Los Angeles Lakers jersey number 16. The Catalan used it during 429 evenings along six and a half seasonswhere he forged his legend and amazed his people and strangers around the world with an innate talent and a physical ability beyond anyone’s reach.

Since Pau left Lakers no one else has carried his number yet, as it was obvious that he would end up hanging from the roof of the pavilion, a situation that will occur tonight.

The fact that a team withdraws the number of a player in the NBA it means a lot of honor. In the early hours of this Wednesday, Pau Gasol will become the 11th international player and first Spaniard reach this milestone.

In the franchise, Gasol was present in both the successes and the most tragic moments. In Los Angeles, no one forgets the importance that are 16 years old‘ honoring the unexpected death of Kobe.

In preview for the Catalan, last week the Town hall of Sant BoiIn Barcelona He placed a giant jersey in the middle of the building in the middle of the town hall, something the former player thanked and posted on his networks: “Spectacular!!! Thank you so much”.

When will the tribute take place?

The act will be at the game break who will pit the Lakers against Memphis Grizzlies and will start at 4:00 a.m. peninsular Spanish time.

His achievements in the Los Angeles Lakers

Throughout the six and a half seasons that he amazed the Angelenos, Pau Gasol in his freshman year led the team to its first final after four years. next to won two ringsand he was selected twice challenge the all stars of the NBA.

Your idol will be a direct witness

An idol from Pau will also live this moment in the first person, Santi Aldamawho is currently active in Memphis Grizzlies, the rival tonight of the Angelenos. The Spaniard stood out in ‘Gigantes del Basket’ which he is looking forward to tonight: “It’s an honor to be able to experience something like this and being able to play the game in which the best Spanish player in history is stripped of his jersey is quite exciting. It’s one of the reasons why I play this sport and I’m really looking forward to this moment.” He also confessed that when he arrived in Memphis, everyone was talking to him about Gasol.

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