Artificial Intelligence imagines Mario and Luigi in a film in the flesh

Super Mario Bros: The movie is on track to become one of the biggest hits of 2023, courtesy of future movies coming out by the end of the year. And the key to its success is the similarity of the film adaptation with the video games of nintendo: Unlike live action from 1993, featuring Bob Hoskin there John Leguizamo with terrible results, the version of Lighting enjoys the best of the saga (its artistic section) and transfers it to the big screen.

Now, 30 years have passed since that failed Nintendo experiment to adapt Nintendo characters to the real world. mario there LouisWhat would a live-action starring these two famous plumbers look like today? You don’t have to imagine it, because Artificial Intelligence did it for you, and again, the result doesn’t convince me at all.

Artificial Intelligence imagines Mario and Luigi in a film in the flesh

My question looking at the two images that the AI ​​created is very simple… Why does it represent us mario Already Louis like two 50-year-old men, full of wrinkles and whose work has taken a toll? Because the result is terrifying: in life I would have imagined that mario there Louisthe two most famous brothers in the world of video games, were parents (or almost grandparents). Even less when they have to rescue a Princess Peach who could be their granddaughter.

My conclusions in this regard are simple: Super Mario Bros: The Movie Works Because It’s An Animated Featurebut one live action of this franchise doesn’t look so good because of the collective imagination that exists. We all imagine Mario and Luigi as two six-foot-tall stick figures.and not like gray-haired men about to retire.

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Super Mario Bros: The movie will make a lot of money for Universal, Illumination and Nintendo

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