A police officer argued with a glass cleaner and shot him in the leg after the fight: he was traveling with his baby in the car

A Police Officer Argued With a Glass Cleaner and Shot Him in the Leg After the Fight: He Was Traveling With His Baby in the Car

Video: the moment of the shot.

Sergio A., a member of the Federal Police, part of the Superintendency of Dangerous Drugs, was delayed and charged with attempted murder for having shot a window cleaner in the middle of Avenida 9 de Julio, while he was driving his car in civilian clothes and out of service, police sources confirmed to Infobae.

The episode happened around 11 p.m. on Wednesday at the intersection of Avenida 9 de Julio and Calle Venezuela, in the Monserrat neighborhood, where a Volkswagen Gol vehicle stopped at the traffic light. Through the Urban Monitoring Center (CMU) of the City Police, it was observed An altercation between the driver of the car and the window cleaner. The moment was recorded by security cameras.

In the video you can see how in the middle of the discussion, the window cleaner crosses in front of the vehicle and the policeman accelerates in an alleged attempt to run him over. Then the glass cleaner approaches the place of the driver, who from inside the car he punches him in the face. At that moment, the glass cleaner responds to the attack with another blow and seconds later, the agent he takes a gun, a 9mm Pietro Beretta, and shoots him in the left thigh.

Consequently, he moved to the place staff of the Neighborhood Police Station 1B of the City Police, who found the glass cleaner wounded by a bullet, for which he issued the alert for the arrival of SAME. Then it was discovered that in the car Sergio A.’s partner, who is a policeman, was also traveling.

Finally the Volkswagen Gol was detected by security cameras and it was confirmed that his driver is a member of the Federal Police. According to sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, the cash transferred his son, a baby of ten, to the Churruca hospital, with a feverish picture.

Intervened on Criminal Court Number 26, in charge of Dr. Sebastián Quintana. As for the wounded man, he was referred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital “under a diagnosis of a firearm wound without risk of life.” PFA sources confirmed that He will not receive legal support from the force and was removed from his duties in passive service: he is housed in the Federal Mayor’s Office in Villa Lugano.