Every day that passes is one day less waiting for the arrival of GTA VI after many, many years after a fifth opus that set the bar very high. Fortunately rock star confirmed a year ago that the next Grand Theft Auto it was in development.

Now we just have to wait and see when they release a trailer, because (leaks aside) we haven’t seen absolutely anything from the title, not even an image or teaser. At least yes we know it will be in Vice City.

And since it is located in Vice City, the community has raised the alarm following a publication of the same 50 cents in networks that could (and indeed seem to) have direct relation to GTA VI. I leave you all the details below.

GTA VI is going to be “bigger than POWER”

has been in your instagram account where he shared the post which you can see a few lines below. Now I will list the details:

  • The photo you shared is of nothing more and nothing less than Vice City
  • You attached a comment saying that “this shit is gonna be bigger than POWER trust me”
  • The truth is that it would make sense for an artist like him to know what he looks like GTA VI since, if it is included in the game and you are interested in Grand Theft Auto, most surely you know how it is
  • But of course, You will have this information under Rockstar embargo, which is probably broken now

The community is very aware of this post and believes that it can really be a preview of GTA VI by 50 cents. and I think easily this year could be the year of the announcement of the new Grand Theft Auto. What do you think?

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