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[2021 Latest] Top 3 Recommended Korean Drama Free Sites

Now that the Korean wave is still going on, there will be many people who enjoy Korean wave entertainment. In the first place, the Korean drama must be the igniter of the Korean wave boom. “Winter Sonata” was broadcast on NHK BS2 in April 2003, and since then, the “Korean wave boom” has spread nationwide. The Korean wave boom is getting colder now, but once the new drama is released, the cast’s visit event is held in Japan, and the tendency for fans from all over the country to gather has not changed.

There are various reasons for watching Korean dramas. It’s for the protagonists of good-looking guys and beautiful women, and it’s also for the story that impresses. I know that you can watch Korean dramas online, but I’m not sure which sites you can watch for free. Even if you try to find them on the vast internet, it’s quite troublesome and difficult. Now, I would like to introduce some Korean drama free sites . Please choose the one you like according to your taste. If you find your favorite Korean drama and want to watch it offline, you can easily download it all at once with Video Download Musou .

Blog type site

1. 1. Korea Mania

This site mainly integrates Korean drama URLs from youtube. Korea enthusiasts themselves do not distribute movies. It is full of movie resources, and also resources for other overseas dramas and variety shows. If you enjoy Korean dramas with this, you can definitely save time searching from youtube one by one. The names of the dramas are sorted in order of pseudonym, so you can quickly find the drama you want to watch. Isn’t it worth trying?

2. Free video summary Korean drama navigation

Free Video Summary Korean Drama Navi quickly introduces Korean dramas that can be viewed on video sites such as F2C and PANDORA.TV for free. There are a large number of Korean dramas stored on this site. You can search for your favorite movies by entering the alphabetical order or search keywords. This is a specialized blog site that only introduces Korean drums. In addition, the synopsis of each drama is also posted. It is extremely convenient to watch Korean dramas for free because there are video links to other sites. Fully compatible with smartphones ♪

Free video viewing site


Like Rakuten Showtime, it is a site from South Korea. You can enjoy not only dramas but also many other Korean videos. Basically everything looks free, but if you want to switch to high quality, you need to register as a premium member.

2. Rakuten Showtime (Click to go to page  ̄3 ̄)

It’s not a blog site, but an official video site, so you can enjoy all the videos in high quality. If you want to see Korean dramas and variety shows, Rakuten Showtime will deliver the largest number of Korean dramas in Japan on the Internet. You can watch free Korean drama videos, but basically it’s the first episode, and if you continue, it will cost you money.

3. 3. Yahoo! Gyao

This is also a free video viewing site. Of course, we also offer free Korean drama distribution. In addition, you can enjoy all videos such as Korean dramas, entertainment variety shows, music, and movies. Moreover, the full screen quality is high. Popular movies are recommended from popular movies in reviews, Korean drama rankings, etc. You can watch the latest Korean dramas that have become a hot topic and popular dramas in the past for free, but the videos are strictly protected and cannot be downloaded with ordinary tools. There are also videos that only premium members can see.

The above are the five free viewing sites for Korean dramas that I would like to introduce this time. With Video Download Musou, you can easily download all at once. In addition, the software has video editing, conversion, and recording functions. It is a tool that allows you to conveniently download videos.

How to watch free videos on TV?

Watching videos on these free video sites will be fun. People often say, “I wish I could watch the video on TV.” Here, I would like to introduce a method using screen mirroring software called ApowerMirror .

The operating procedure is as follows.

  1. Install ApowerMirror on your computer and TV.
  2. Connect your TV and PC to the same Wi-Fi network. Both PC and TV will start ApowerMirror.
  3. Click the “TV” button on your PC and enter the mirroring code displayed on the TV screen.
  4. The screen of your PC will be displayed on your TV and you can watch free movies on your TV.

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