How to prevent and reduce tired legs syndrome

How to prevent and reduce tired legs syndrome

It is clear that when temperatures rise it is easier for there to be different problems such as those related to circulation. And one of them has to do with tired legs syndrome, which usually affects women especially. Its symptoms: a feeling of heaviness, swelling, pain, itching and even cramps and numbness.

The causes of this problem are varied where there are from high temperatures, to being overweight, going through a somewhat sedentary life, and hormonal alterations.

How to reduce tired legs syndrome

cold showers

From Mabosalud they explain that it is something everyday and works well against cellulite, helps relieve the feeling of heaviness and activates circulation.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing

It is something that we already do more than anything because of the heat that it usually does in summer.

Good nutrition

Another recommendation is to eat properly, with a diet low in salt, sugars and trans fats.

Choose balanced menus

When you go out and snack outside the house, then it is recommended to choose lighter foods. Dishes with vegetables, grilled or cooked. Salads are a very healthy option; Of course, be careful with the dressing! It is better that you dose it and especially use extra virgin olive oil but better a light vinaigrette or simply salt and lemon.

Lots of hydration

In summer you have to hydrate much more. we are talking about drinking at least 2L of water a day and through food. Although there are more foods rich in water and we can also drink other drinks that hydrate us and reduce fluid retention.

Walk barefoot for several minutes

Experts also advise being able to walk barefoot for a few minutes a day. Always at home, in the sea or the pool, it helps to strengthen the bones and joints of the feet and relieve the feeling of heaviness.

Compression socks

At other times of the year, it is feasible to wear these stockings because this way the blood can circulate upwards, which helps prevent inflammation and the formation of clots.

leg massages

It is one of the best things that can be done. You can apply a cosmetic cream or especially one that has effective active ingredients and dermo-stimulating properties to relieve the feeling of heaviness and swelling and reactivate circulation.

keep up the sport

Even if you are on vacation, do not stop and continue with your sports routines. It is feasible to exercise because it is one of the essential things to prevent and eliminate this problem.