How to use CBD oil for sleep

How to use CBD oil for sleep

Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, not everyone has the pleasure of falling asleep in bed, especially at night. Certain statistical studies indicate that “more than half of the Spanish population has difficulty falling asleep”.

CBD oil, a component of the cannabidiol plant, could combat insomnia. Although some products from the famous plant have been used for decades, the truth is that in recent years its use has become more accessible, thanks to formats such as oil.

Don’t know how to use CBD oil to sleep? We spoke with Juan Cortázar Entrialgo and Marina Cortázar Pérez de Lazárraga, founders of the Upani company and CBD experts, who clearly point out what type of CBD oil is the best and how it should be used to fall asleep.

Effects of CBD on sleep

Poor sleep quality, as well as insomnia, is a public health problem, which has triggered the development of neurodegenerative diseases and other conditions that affect quality of life.

Now, according to some medical and scientific research, CBD can help you sleep better. Of course, you have to combine its benefits with new behavior patterns or routines before going to bed, says Juan Cortázar Entrialgo, an expert in the use of CBD.

According to experts, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) influences various functions of metabolism, which allows better sleep to be achieved.

The CB1 receptor of the ECS of the Central Nervous System (CNS) are activated by endocannabinoids, which makes it possible to regulate nocturnal sleep. When neurotransmitters are released, neuronal activities are slowed down. This, in turn, affects anxiety, appetite, pain and of course sleep.

It should be noted that medical and scientific studies are still being carried out in order to detect other effects, but so far “CBD oil seems to reduce insomnia,” according to Juan Cortázar Entrialgo. Of course, CBD is not a sedative, however, scientific studies indicate that it manages to improve the quality of sleep.

How to use CBD oil to sleep?

Experts warn that the use of CBD should be consulted with a GP, especially if the person is on medication. In this way, the risk of alterations is reduced.

Similarly, Marina Cortázar Pérez de Lazárraga explains that it is best to start with small doses in order to see its effects. Next, we will indicate the most frequent uses of CBD:

  • Use it before going to bed. In some countries where the application of CBD is widespread, they recommend using it sublingually half an hour before sleeping. Similarly, experts point out that it is of the utmost importance that people carry out healthy routines to fall asleep. For example, not watching screens before bed and using a bathroom before bed. This allows the body to relax.
  • Use drops during the day. “CBD is not a sedative,” warns Marina Cortázar Pérez de Lazárraga, an expert in CBD, despite this, she does manage to affect the nervous system. In this sense, it can be used throughout the day to arrive at night calmer and get a better sleep.

Can CBD oil be used in Spain?

In some countries such as Canada and the United States, the oral intake of CBD oil is regulated and recommended. However, in relation to Spanish legislation, the use of CBD orally is not yet regulated, although the Government has already given the green light to the regulation of medicinal cannabis.

How to sleep better?

Sleeping well means sleeping the night hours without interruptions. In this sense, experts point out that those who have insomnia problems could benefit from the use of CBD oil.

Now, if the problem is that you cannot get quality sleep due to interruptions, then the best method is to apply CBD oil drops half an hour before bedtime and implement other measures in order to improve sleep quality. sleep:

  • The lights must be turned off. Some research indicates that sleep is guided by light, so when light sources are perceived at night, the body stops producing melatonin, which causes insomnia. Screens should be avoided.
  • Large dinners should be avoided . Large meals can cause poor digestion. At the same time, you should consume foods with amino acids that increase the production of melatonin and serotonin, for example, nuts, pumpkin, beans, lentils, etc.
  • Do sports. Playing sports before bed is not a good idea, but doing sports during the day or in the morning can improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Sleeping routine. You have to establish a fixed time to go to bed, as well as to get up every day.
  • Do not consume stimulating drinks. Coffee and alcohol cause sleep disruptions.

In conclusion, although CBD in oil could be a great ally to sleep better, it is necessary to change certain routines in order to improve falling asleep.