Harry Brant, one of the twin children of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and Billionaire Peter M. Brant, died this past Sunday of an accidental drug overdose. His parents have confirmed the death.

Harry and his brother Peter Brant II were considered as the twin icons of New York style to the point of creating their own makeup line for MAC Cosmetics.

His mother, Stephanie Seymour, is one of the top models of the 90s and at one time achieved much popularity outside the fashion circuit for her courtship with Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns’n ‘Roses. In 1995 she married press mogul Peter Brant in Paris. In 2009 they filed for divorce but rectified the following year.

According to Friedman in his article, Harry was about to enter a rehabilitation center.

His family, which has confirmed the death, has issued the following statement:

“He had achieved many things already at his age. We can never know how far it could have gone. Harry wasn’t just our son, he was also a wonderful brother, a loving grandson, and a friend. He was a loving, creative and powerful soul who brought light to the hearts of many people. He was a beautiful person outside and inside.”

Brant’s rebellious behavior had made headlines on a previous occasion, such as in 2016, when he was arrested for refusing to pay for a taxi and was subsequently charged with drug possession.


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Both brothers led a lifestyle in which they displayed their beauty and economic power without complexes. They used to appear on the best-dressed lists, and New York magazine called them “the most beautiful teens in New York.” Both were known for their partying nature and defiant demeanor.

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