Game Pass

With the “Xbox Game Pass”, subscribers can enjoy exclusive benefits in addition to more gaming options. This includes – as with Sony’s “PlayStation Plus” – a selection of free downloadable games that are made available to subscription owners every month.

In order to meet the wishes of the fans, the widest possible range of genres is always offered. Microsoft wants to attract new subscribers through this broad selection and partly new games that are released as Game Pass exclusives.


If current leaks are correct, which have now come to light, the coming autumn could be particularly interesting for subscribers and all interested parties. However, as always, these leaks should be treated with caution, as their truthfulness is not guaranteed. But should they prove to be true in the future, there are some real tidbits for the fans!

There will be four games this autumn that can be downloaded for free via the Game Pass. This is reported by the Canadian site “Game Rant”. And these titles have it all! Accordingly, Halo Infinite, Starfield, Tales of Arise and Battlefield 6 will be part of Microsoft’s subscription service.

The special thing about it: none of these games has been released yet! The title Halo Infinite was supposed to come onto the market together with the start of sales of the NextGen consoles last year, but shortly before that Microsoft put the release on hold.

Starfield and Battlefield 6 don’t have an official release date yet. The latter game in particular is expected to be almost as hot as a new “Grand Theft Auto” part.

Above all, therefore, the autumn should be interesting for Game Pass users, because there could be an opportunity to get hold of the new Battlefield part for free right on release! Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether this will come true.

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