Entertainment industry firm Ampere Analysis has released a new report on the gaming market in 2022, and it’s welcome reading for Xbox fans. The company updated its sales estimates for Xbox Series X|S consoles through the end of 2022, also saying Microsoft gained market share from Sony last year.

So here are the company’s sales estimates. Ampère claims that Microsoft sold 18.5 million Xbox Series X|S consoles from launch to 2022, while Sony has reached 30 million PS5 sales during the same period.

Although there is a clear gap in hardware sales that favors Sony, the company estimates that Microsoft has gained market share from the owner of PlayStation in 2022. Those gains come in at around 1.3% in hardware sales. , software and services.

“Sony continues to lead the global console market with a 45% share of total PlayStation console hardware, games and services spend. This is down 1.3% from 2021, according to Microsoft.

Nintendo lost 0.5% share, while Microsoft’s share fell from 25.5% to 27.3% as spending on Xbox console hardware and Game Pass web services increased.

While this sounds like good news to us, Ampere Analysis expects Sony to gain a foothold in hardware in 2023, largely thanks to inventory availability. Sony recently claimed that its ongoing PS5 stock issues will finally be resolved in 2023, while Ampere acknowledges that Xbox will still struggle to meet Xbox Series X shipments until the second half of this year.

Of course, these are all sales “estimates” from the analytics firm, as Microsoft no longer provides official console sales data at this point. The numbers look about right (maybe even a little conservative), though, and it’s nice to see Xbox potentially gaining market share in 2022.

What do you think of these new numbers? Let us know in the comments below.

(source ampereanalysis.com)

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