Team Xbox is back with another free Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S live background! This time, it’s to celebrate the release of Destiny 2: Falling Lightand it’s definitely a very cool addition to the lineup.

To find the bottom, just go to settingsfollowed by General – Personalizationnorthfollowed by My pastand after dynamic backgrounds. There you should see the Destiny 2: Lightfall option.

Here’s what the new dynamic background looks like in action:

We’ve seen a lot of cool dynamic backgrounds added to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S recently, including for versions of dead space there penanceas well as a unique background for the “Stellar Shift” Xbox controller.

Note that if you expect to be stuck in Destiny 2’s new Lightfall update today, you may experience connection issues on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Bungie has already offered some potential fixes for this. :

Do you like the look of this dynamic background? Let us know in the comments below.

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