Xbox Game Pass is not a fad, nor is it something that is passing through, it is a service that is here to stay and more and more studios are recognizing how influential it can be to launch their games in it.

As we say, there have been many studies that have recognized that going through Xbox Game Pass is positive, each with their arguments, but always leaving the service as an excellent initiative for many things.

In this case it has been Masayoshi Yokoyama, producer in the Yakuza saga who has recognized that Xbox Game Pass has served to popularize the saga. This is also seasoned with the success of Yakuza: Like A Dragon and its twist on previous games, all of which has added up so that today the saga is on the rise and with a new game announced on the way.

Xbox Game Pass populariza Yakuza

In terms of audience, I think we’ve expanded considerably in the West. It’s hard to say if this is due to cross-platform distribution or the change in gender and protagonist from Yakuza Like A Dragon, or both. Personally, though, I think services like Xbox Game Pass, which allowed people to play old chapters released over the years, has really helped increase our target audience.

From Xbox Generation we strongly recommend that you play Yakuza: Like A Dragon in case you haven’t already, it’s a very good game and it allows you to get started in the saga even if you haven’t played the previous ones before.

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