The World of Warcraft PvP system isn’t exactly the best. There are only a few different modes, a lot of complaints about balancing and the whole thing is also quite impersonal. Role players in particular were bothered by the last point, which is why they have now founded some fighting clubs to make things a little more interesting.

According to Polygon, players meet in the dark corners of Stormwind to play secret wrestling matches. The group is called Azeroth Championship Wrestling and organizes small exhibition fights for the local role players. A good story is in the foreground here and can be described well with “Kayfabe” from the acted wrestling.

There is also the Azerothian Boxing Association, which organizes tournaments in the Tian Monastery in Pandaria. The fighters have names like “The Silver Tongued Serpent” and “Rathaniel Shadowsong”. The latter was the reigning champion until recently, but has now been defeated by the human William Hawke.

This role-playing PvP does not reward players with currency, equipment, or pretty looking mounts. It’s just about telling and experiencing an exciting story. This is in the normal World of Warcraft PvP systems simply not possible. For example, to join an arena battle, you log in to a menu for this and you will be teleported to any arena anywhere in the world.

From a gameplay point of view, you usually have an exciting fight here, but there are no narrative at all. “I made good use of my Defensive CD to survive the villain’s burst” feels good to oneself, but it’s not a great “spectacle” that the fighting clubs want to offer.

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