The first blood elf paladin has already reached level 60.

The so-called World First Race in World of Warcraft ran every time within a few days or even hours. While WoW Classic took the first player four days to reach the maximum level 60, the first blood elf paladin only needed 14.5 hours.

Why did it go so quickly?

In contrast to its gnomish World First predecessor from the WoW Classic release, Twitch streamer BzmodeTwitch had a clear advantage. Since the WoW Burnung Crusade Classic Pre-Patch was installed on the live server on March 19th, the Required amount of experience points between level 20 and 60 reduced by about 15 percent.

Bzmode therefore needed less experience points from level 20 and thus less time to climb the required level. Another great benefit was the support he received from his guild and friends. All of them were level 60 and could help out the new blood elf paladin.

Although the new pre-patch also includes a level boost that can be paid for with real money and brings your characters directly to level 58, this boost is not available for the new races Draenei and Blood Elves, which is what the World First Race in the first place made possible.

How did he do it?

As seen on his Twitch video, Bzmode lets his guild and friends help him by first inviting them into groups and leveling up from the shared experience points.

Later he used what is known as mob tagging. That means, he always makes the first strike at opponents. so that all loot and experience is credited to him and then lets kill the opponents by the friends he has brought with him. By not being part of a group, he keeps the entire experience to himself.

Using this method, the team manages to get Bzmode’s Paladin to level 60 within 14 hours and 28 minutes. This World First race is decided, but the next one is already waiting for new participants in 2 weeks.

Then Burning Crusade Classic is finally released and the competition for the first level 70 player begins. Incidentally, the French player Gullerbone won that in 2007, who took just 28 hours from level 60 to 70.

We also have a guide in our special issue on the subject of “Quick Levels”. It might not decide the race for you, but it will take away any possible frustration if the servers are overcrowded again and you don’t feel like queuing for quests.

Have you started with a blood elf or draenei? If so, which level have you already reached?

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