World trend, Ash Ketchup wins the Pokémon league

World trend, Ash Ketchup wins the Pokémon league

Today, November 11, a historic moment is being celebrated in the world of animePokémon has marked the childhood and life of many people, now we are witnessing when finally Ash Ketchup won the cup of League of Pokemon.

25 years have passed since the first chapter when we saw that our protagonist left the popsicle town to try to fulfill this dream accompanied by his best friend Pikachu.

The chapter was witnessed by thousands around the world, watching as Ash defeated Leon with his Charizard.

Possibly it was the most awaited moment by the fans of this japanese cartoonwe were watching him lose again and again in different areas until he finally managed to do it, perseverance was one of his best qualities.

This event could open a new panorama for the series, now we will see what the coach wants to do once he has won this cup that was his main objective, possibly having a reunion with his old friends which could also become a moment historical.

So far this piece of entertainment has had 25 different seasons, a project that started on April 1, 1997 And now we are doing something unprecedented so it became a worldwide trend.

All of Twitter is celebrating the achievement of this young man that we have been able to meet throughout his adventures and that may not be the last.

Many different memes, celebrations, celebrations and many messages have emerged where they express all the great pleasure that it gives them to be able to see this moment.

In Japan, the show was so big that it was even broadcast on one of the most important streets in that country, so the general population could see it while walking on the sidewalk.

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We will continue to witness super interesting moments that I recommend you not to miss, we will also keep you informed of the best of the show and much more.

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