The World of Warcraft is huge and dangerous. This can be intimidating to a little goblin. So it happened to Nobb, the goblin who is particularly attached to his homeland Kezan. In the meantime the hunter has risen to become a master of his trade and has reached level 50 without ever setting foot outside the peaceful realms of his homeland. The Nobb player could not use the same technology as the already famous Pandare Doubleagent, who only slowly but steadily worked his way up to the legend of the Wandering Island with the help of mining and herbalism. Both professions are not available in Kazan, so Nobb had to find other ways.

To do this, he started his journey as a starter account and killed over 5,000 tunnel worms. He rose to the starter level cap of 20 and also earned the required experience points for the next ten levels. As soon as Nobb converted his account to a regular account, he automatically rose to level 30. Without this trick with the starter account, the tunnel worms would only have delivered experience points up to level 26. For the further level process, the player resorted to the support of other characters. With these, he accepted and completed account-wide pet battle quests. For the submission of these quests, which can be done remotely, he switched back to Nobb, who could then collect the experience points for it.

However, now that he has reached level 50 using this method, Nobb faces a problem. From this point on, the gain in experience points is significantly reduced through low-level content. According to his own calculations, it would take him 43 days of grind to reach level 51 and after that it would get worse and worse. Nobb is therefore currently looking for alternative ways to get experience points. Since goblins only join the Horde after leaving Kazan, Nobb is still considered neutral. This denies access to dungeons or PvP areas. If the Nobb player shows the same dedication as Doubleagent, we are sure that he will reach level 60 in some way without ever leaving his beloved Kazan.

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