Incarnations have paved the way for the Cavern of Zaralek, and the champions of Azeroth are ready to delve into the depths of the Dragon Isles and explore what this new area has to offer. It is now available Embers of Neltharion, Dragonflight’s latest content update!

As part of Neltharion’s Embers, Dragonflight Season 2 will also launch next week, the May 9. Read on to see what’s new in today’s release after regional maintenance ends:

Embers of Neltharion

  • NEW AREA: Zaralek Cave
    • In this gigantic and mysterious underground cavern, new characters, quests and creatures, explorations and public objectives await you, among many other things.
    • Guilds will have the ability to invite players from the opposing faction, which includes access to guild chat, banking, and calendars.
    • Industrious moles with a keen sense of smell, the Niffen will offer new reputation rewards and activities that can be unlocked by advancing the fame track.
    • As you navigate caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites, flight enthusiasts will gain access to new circuits, glyphs, abilities, and another drake: the meandering crawling drake.

Additionally, there will be updates related to class changes and balance tweaks, HUD/UI changes, and a bunch of new outdoor activities, gear, mounts, and pets. company.

Dragonflight season 2

Begins May 9, 2023, after completion of regional maintenance.

The fallen Earthkeeper Neltharion, better known as the infamous Deathwing, maintained a secret laboratory deep within the Dragon Islands. The threat now rests with both the now free Incarnations and a rebel band of drachthyr led by the Sarkareth Scalerwho fight to gain access to the laboratory and take control of Neltharion’s hidden secrets.

  • NEW GROUP: Aberrus, the Dark Crucible
    • Players will face nine heads to stop the Incarnations and the escalation of Sarkareth, whose forces seek to reclaim the legacy of the drachthyrs.
    • As with Season 1, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties will launch simultaneously alongside the first wing of Raid Finder.
    • The remaining Dragonflight dungeons come into play:
      • leather sheet hollow
      • Infusion rooms
      • Uldaman: Tyr’s Legacy
      • Neltharus
    • Four dungeons from previous expansions will offer new challenges to reinvigorate the M+ rotation:
      • strong free (Battle for Azeroth)
      • Rotting Catacombs (Battle for Azeroth)
      • Neltharion’s Lair (Legion)
      • Top of the whirlpool (Cataclysm)
    • There are major changes to the Mythic+ system, including the removal of season affixes and an overhaul of base affixes.

For more information on Neltharion’s Embers, including the full patch notes, visit the World of Warcraft website

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