Nintendo has announced that the title, World of Horror, will be coming to Nintendo Switch next summer in the West. The release date, only for Japan, had already been announced in April 2023 during the Japanese edition of the recent Nintendo Indie World.

World of Horror is an indie horror game with roguelike card elements and based on the works of It’s Junji there Lovecraft. It takes place in the year 198X, in a fictional Japanese coastal town in the Shiokawa region. In it, players must solve a set of otherworldly mysteries to obtain the keys that open the lighthouse door. All this, to stop a terrifying ceremony, which aims to summon an ancient dark god. Players have the option to choose between different characters, based on their abilities, stats, and tricks.

One of the things that gets the most attention is the combat focus. By taking physical damage during combat, characters gradually lose stamina and sanity, and can even develop permanent physical injuries if they take too much damage. To balance the forces, players can obtain weapons and allies. Here we leave the trailer in case you want to take a look.

If you want to start playing World of Horror now, you can enjoy it in its PC version through Steam.

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