Unfortunately, Telltale Games has been delayed the wolf among us 2 release date outside of 2023. In a statement on Twitter, the publisher is still committed to developing a sequel to the original game, which was released episodically in October 2013.

Wolf Among Us 2’s delay was done in part to avoid crisis culture

The Wolf Among Us 2 delay was done to do “the right thing for the game while protecting the health” of the Telltale development team, according to a report. peep by Telltale Games.

Specifically, the reason for the delay was revealed to be “avoiding crisis and team burnout” and moving the game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5, in a report from IGN. Some engineers and artists on the team say it’s worth it, but it means they had to do “a lot of work” again.

Telltale Games CEO Jamie Ottilie explained that it wouldn’t be “nice to ship something that isn’t ready.” At the same time, he thinks crunch culture “is the wrong thing to do in the long run.” He also admitted that it had been difficult to rebuild the studio during the covid-19 pandemic after it closed in 2018.

The development of Wolf Among Us 2 has been difficult, to say the least. The game was originally revealed via a trailer at The Game Awards 2019. Development was “fully restarted” in 2019 and it was rumored to have a Winter 2021 release window.

According to reports from December 2021, the sequel would take place six months after the end of the original game. The game will also release episodically, although all five episodes will be complete by the time the first episode becomes available.

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