It seems like only yesterday Diablo Immortal launched, along with the many complaints about its ubiquitous microtransactions. Perhaps that’s why information about the upcoming Diablo 4 has started leaking. During the Xbox and Bethesda Summer 2022 showcase, a developer commented on a gameplay showcase that dropped hints as to what might be in store for the game once it launches next year.

Diablo 4: is there crossplay?

The development team has confirmed that Diablo 4 will have cross-play and players will be able to play with their friends regardless of the platform they choose to play on. This should make it much easier for friends to meet and more fans to continue enjoying the game, especially as they create new characters and experience new builds.

Multiplayer is clearly something that was high on the developer’s priority list when designing the game, as in addition to crossplay, the team promises couch co-op. On top of that, there are also dedicated PvP zones where players can battle other players looking to test their builds against worthy opponents.

There’s even an in-game mechanic where if a player proves to be extremely good at the game, they’ll achieve “champion” status, essentially making themselves a target for any ravenous PVP player who wants to try and defeat them.

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to for Diablo fans once the next installment drops on June 6, 2023, though there are certainly those who have fallen off the bandwagon, disappointed with Diablo Immortal’s design decisions. Given the impressions of the beta, it doesn’t seem like players will need to worry about it going forward, and the open betas only generated more excitement for the game ahead of release.


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