Wild Hearts, the man-vs-nature hunting game from Omega Force, is releasing its first April update.

The latest update, called Lethal Blossoms, arrives today, April 6, and introduces a new species of Kemono, the Murakumo, which players will be able to hunt. The Murakumo is a monstrous fox-like creature that wields the winds to transform sakura blossom petals into powerful attacks.

With the arrival of spring in Azuma and the proximity of this new threat, players will also receive new tools to battle the beast. The new rotating mole is a Fusion Karakurithat bounces around, gaining speed and power to deliver an incredible punch.

Additionally, the new Limit Break system allows players to gain strength from defeated enemies through Core Orbs. Obtained by hunting Kemonos, these orbs can be used to upgrade weapons and armor so players can take on more powerful enemies.

Later, also in April, players will face a new flying Kemono, the Gloombeak Death Mist, provided they survive Murakumo’s attack. Additionally, a new special mission known as Serial Hunts will arrive alongside the crow-like creature.

Don’t forget that Wild Hearts is now available on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Take a look at Murakumo in the trailer below.

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