Much of the Wild Hearts gameplay is showcased for EA’s upcoming monster-hunting RPG as we get closer to its release date. The arrival of Monster Hunter’s rival is imminent, and various gameplay demos show hunts in action, while a new trailer gives us a stylish look at the fight between the game’s giant beasts, the Kemono, and hunters. who use a mysterious ancient technology called Karakouri.

The Wild Hearts story trailer, titled “Tame a World Gone Wild”, shows the fight between the Hunters and the Kemono. It features glimpses of several of the Wild Hearts monsters you’ll need to fight, and shows some of Karakuri’s tools and traps in action. Perhaps the highlight is watching a hunter, moments after his unicycle crash into a snowdrift, pull out the umbrella-shaped Bladed Wasaga as a hulking wolf lunges at them, fangs bared.

We also get a look at some of the Manhunts in action thanks to a fifteen-minute PlayStation Japan gameplay demo, and a look at Nodachi, a greatsword, and Maul in action courtesy of YouTuber Watts “Ms 5000 watts”. The latter also shows Tsukumo, small companions who act like Monster Hunter Palicos, in action, one using a healing mist ability to keep the hunter’s health maxed mid-fight.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Japan’s Manhunts give us a good idea of ​​features including crafting, armor and gear screens, weapon and skill tree, and buffs of food. Although the video is in Japanese, you can get a good idea of ​​how these systems will play out. Weapons appear to have built-in and legacy abilities upon leveling up, while food appears to apply buffs including health bonuses, attack increases, and elemental resistance.

Five different items are displayed in the menus. These include fire and water, an icon with a leaf (possibly poison, which was mentioned above), one that’s probably ice, and one that could be earth or resistance. physical. As mentioned during the recent Reddit AMA where it was confirmed that Wild Hearts will have free DLC after launch, the armor can be changed to move it in a more human or Kemono-focused direction, with stat changes taking effect. along with these changes.

We also get a good look at the Karakuri Radar, which is a structure that can be deployed to show nearby Kemono on the map. You can then select them from the menu to track the monster with an in-game trail reminiscent of Monster Hunter World’s scout flies. The track will follow the shortest route to your target, making it easier to pursue them if they get separated from a fight and re-engage while recovering.

Wild Hearts looks great, and seeing more of it in action definitely makes me more excited as a fan of the Monster Hunter series, as well as other similar games like Dauntless. It’s definitely a big wreath to come, but I can’t wait to try it out and find out for myself if they managed to pull it off.

The release date for Wild Hearts is February 16. on Steam, Epic Games Store and EA Play Store. EA Play subscribers (also included in a Game Pass Ultimate subscription) can play the game for ten hours before launch from February 13.

We’ll be sure to update you with the latest news as it emerges – make sure you’re ready for launch with Wild Hearts system requirements. In the meantime, check out more of the best PC co-op games to enjoy with friends, plus more of the best games like Monster Hunter if you can’t get enough of taking on the biggest and baddest beasts.

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