The highest-grossing animated film in history (and the best adaptation of a video game), Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, continues to add integers to the worldwide box office (it’s already very close to the billion), but many are already waiting to review from the comfort of your couch at home.

The first lucky ones to be able to do this will be our readers in the United States who have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and/or iTunes, since that will be when it is made available to everyone through the digital video store (so, this will not be free). , the platform from which the national format will then be released May 9. At the moment there is no confirmed date for Europe and the rest of the regions, but we will be attentive in case Universal Spain reveals information about it.

When and how to buy Super Mario Bros. The Movie on Blu-ray, DVD or digital download

According to Twitter user THEDISCFATHER, the worldwide physical release of Super Mario Bros.: The Movie will take place next June 6with a Power Up Edition on two discs, one with the film and the other with additional material, which has not yet been revealed (we imagine these will be documentaries, interviews and an art compilation and promotional material).

We try to confirm information with Universal to give you the most reliable, first-hand data.

in the meantime you can enjoy from the official movie soundtrack which is now accessible to everyone, and in Spanish.

Super Mario Bros.  The film

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