Those who progress through Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode are bound to earn various mystery keys in their faction missions, including one from the Nail in the Coffin Legion mission. This level 4 quest rewards players with the Zarqwa Market Storage Key, but it does not contain instructions on the location of its dedicated storage room. This is how you can use Zarqwa Market storage key in DMZ and all you can expect in return.

How to find the Zarqwa Market Storage Room in the DMZ

First, it’s worth noting that if you haven’t completed the Nail in the Coffin quest, it’s still possible to receive the Zarqwa Market Storage Key. The collectible also has a chance to spawn after defeating any AI enemy in Al Mazrah, though this method of unlocking the key will certainly take some time. Also, if you discover the key and are eliminated before leaving the map, you will have to find it once again.

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As noted above, you can use the Zarqwa Market Storage Key in a shed just south of the river inside Zarqa Hydroelectric. The building is attached to a two story store with a sign outside that says “Exquisite Carpet Boutique”. However, it is recommended to bring plenty of weapons and ammo to the area, as armored enemies can be found inside nearby houses and on rooftops.

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Once the storage shed door is opened, players will find at least one duffel bag and one legendary loot box, which will most likely contain weapons. The mode will also reward XP for the first use of the key. Even better, there’s another hidden area not too far away. To the east of the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Power Station, Gunners can discover a secret location using the abandoned Mawizah Slums Cache Key.


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