Each region in Genshin Impact has its own selection of local specialties. These are usually food-related items and ingredients that you can only find and collect in that region. They are used for quests, recipes, and even the ascension of some local characters. In the Mondstadt region, one such specialty is a berry-like fruit called Wolfhook. This means that you can only farm Wolfhook in Mondstadt, and even more specifically in one game as well. In this guide, we will explain where to find Wolfhook in Genshin Impact and what it is used for.

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How to get Wolfhook in Genshin Impact

Wolfhook berries can be easily seen on shrubs where they grow near ground level. They have a distinctive purple color, although there are some variations that are more related to the quest. In the wild, they can only be found in Mondstadt, and more precisely, only in the the kingdom of wolves part of the region.

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Their breeding is very easy and linear, as they are found very close to the road that leads through Wolvendom to the Lupus Boreas arena. Just follow the path and keep an eye out for both sides, and you’ll be able to collect dozens of Wolfhooks in no time. Berries take 48 hours to respawn after being collected, so plan your farming accordingly.

Alternatively, you can buy up to 5 Wolfhooks from Cloris, the wandering botanist of Mondstadt. She stocks Wolfhooks every 3 days, and you can get them for 1000 Mora each.

What are Wolfhooks used for in Genshin Impact?

The primary use of Wolfhooks is as climbing material for The razor, the fierce 4-star electro character from Mondstadt. You will need a total of 168 hooks to fully mount it, so it’s worth starting to collect them early.

Besides that, you can use Wolfhooks to create blue tint (1 Wolfhook for 1 Dye), as well as for the Cooking skill, to make party fruit drink (from 2 Woolfhooks, 2 Sunsettia and 1 Sugar).

There are also two special types of Wolfhooks that you can obtain when you start their respective quests. These are Wolfhook Mural For him Back to winter days fees, and Red hook for Barbara’s dating event, source of healing.


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