In the wondrous kingdom of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, you can embark on an epic quest to restore the lost magic of a once harmonious world. As you traverse this mystical realm, you’ll encounter familiar faces from Disney and Pixar lore, now afflicted by the mysterious phenomenon known as Oblivion. Your noble mission? To search and collect all the elusive alien toys scattered throughout the valley, mischievous yet endearing creatures native to the esteemed toy story franchise. Below we have prepared a complete guide to help you on this cosmic odyssey.

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How to Complete the Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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First, head to Buzz, the esteemed commander of Star Command, to begin the quest. It will provide you with the necessary information to start your mission.

Little Green Men toys appear randomly in Dreamlight Valley, with no fixed locations or biomes. However, they’ve been known to appear in a variety of areas, so keep your eyes peeled for their telltale green hues. Some places we’ve had luck with are near the bridge on the sunny plateau, north of the large lake in Peaceful Meadow, and just below Gooseberry Bush in Frosted Heights.

Only nine toys will appear daily, so this quest requires patience. It can take up to three days to find all 25 Little Green Men toys. Once you collect one, another will appear in a different biome. Thoroughly explore each biome to maximize your chances of finding them all.

You can choose how to approach this quest depending on your playstyle. If you prefer a more laid-back approach, you can continue to complete other quests while keeping an eye out for Little Green Men toys. However, if you’re an avid explorer, switch to furniture or spectator mode for a better vantage point and scour the valley for those elusive aliens.

Once you’ve successfully located all 25 Little Green Men toys, return to Buz to complete your mission and enjoy the glory of a job well done.


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