Ankama and New Tales have announced the arrival of their next title, Waven, a tactical role-playing game based on the Krosmoz universe, fiction presented for the first time in Dofus, a former game from the studio released a few years ago. years. Waven, which is currently in its Alpha version, will be released next summer for free on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

The title presents the history of the world of 12, a universe that just suffered a mysterious catastrophe that submerged everything in it underwater. The only things left on the surface are the tallest mountains and some roofs of some buildings, causing the few remaining survivors to drift in search of a place to settle.

Although it should be noted that this post-apocalyptic world is somewhat different. In it, players will encounter an already established environment, very colorful, full of humor and different music. Users will assume the role of the character they want and will have to explore this colorful world formed by a central island, surrounded by much smaller islands. It should be noted that each of these islands has a different theme and characters. In these, players must face enemies, alone or in company, as well as interact with allies to trade.

As far as combat is concerned, the game systems are simple, although the importance of having a balanced and well-ordered spell set must be taken into account, as it is essential to guarantee victory. Although the title is simple to wear, it has challenges and daily challenges introduced in a deep narrative. All of this makes Waven a much more progressive and therefore relaxed gaming experience.

Finally, the game will have three modes. PvE mode, where players will battle the environment, gaining experience and items; a competitive mode, where you will fight against each other; and the Island Defend mode, in which they must defend their island or attack other nearby islands.

Waven, Ankama's new kid on the block, will arrive next summerWaven, Ankama's new kid on the block, will arrive next summer

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