The  Wasteland 3 team  at inXile is very excited to announce the first narrative expansion for  Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown , which will be released on June 3. 

Find it in Microsoft Store (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico). Since the game’s launch in August, we’ve been working on adding new features, quality of life changes, bug fixes, and improvements to game performance and stability. However, deep down, away from prying eyes, the team has focused on creating new content based on stories.

The Battle of Steeltown  is a narrative expansion to the main  Wasteland 3 game  — adding to the game’s story with new locations, missions, equipment, and new twists on our tactical combat. Steeltown is Colorado’s industrial center, and the Patriarch, the self-proclaimed ruler of the region, needs it to stay in power. 

That’s where their weapons and vehicles are made, although lately things haven’t turned out the way they should. Shipments are late, wrong items arrive, or they just disappear. With Plains Gangs threatening their sovereignty, these problems urgently need to be fixed. This is where you and the Rangers will come into action.

The Battle of Steeltown  is the first DLC to be released for  Wasteland 3 , and will be available at a super price on Xbox One (playable on Xbox Series X | S via backward compatibility) Windows 10 and Steam starting June 3. If you are an Xbox Game Pass member, take advantage of your 10% discount and purchase The Battle of Steeltown DLC . 

We look forward to sharing more news about content, articles, and unique combat mechanics in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we invite you to visit for all the news and, of course, to follow us on the official @Wasteland Twitter account and join us on Ranger.HQ on Facebook.

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