Ihe party of Year 3 is approaching. On February 27, the matches to be played at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium on July 1 were confirmed.. After two editions, this third will be more international.

Despite this, there is one thing that does not change and that is that Viruzz steps into the ring. The former handball player is still in great shape, and this time he will face Shelao, a Chilean streamer. But the Spaniards’ participation was only clear a few days before.

Ibai did not find any French who wanted to fight with him

Viruzz appeared this morning of March 17 on the El_Yuste channel. There, in a relaxed interview in which they talked about his training and everything to do with La Velada, he opened up about the doubts there were about his participation in this third edition.

Yuste begins with a reconstruction of the facts: “At the end of 2022 Ibai warns you that you are going to fight against a Frenchman. Then he tells you he’s going to change your French and then he says ‘Hey, we don’t have anyone for you, your fight is over.‘”.

Viruzz’s long road to party 3Tic

This, according to Viruzz, was explained to him by Ibai in an audio: “He sent me a five minute audio dude. It must have been really bad“. Thus, less than a month from the presentation, they tell him that he will not be there: “On February 1, Ibai told me that I had not participated“.

However, everything changed a few days after the presentation of the participants: “Thursday (February 23) Coscu wrote to me like: ‘Hey, Shelao, what’s up?’ In the end, the day Ibai gave me the news, I got off. Coscu writes to me, I call Sandor, and I tell him ‘Sandor, what am I doing, Shelao this year? ‘Cause he was high for night 4, and he tell me ‘give it’“.

Apparently, and Viruzz himself confirmed this, his fight with the French failed, and because of this the Skain-Karchez entered. After the latter fell, and given the possibility that the Spaniard would fight with Shelao, he joined Evening. A whole path full of uncertainties.

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