IVCT EMEA is moving forward. Yesterday we started the second week, with the game Giants and Team Liquid. In this one, the Giants couldn’t close their second point and ended up falling after three very even maps. This result leaves them on the edge of the abyss outside the Playoffs, in the middle table.

Today we’ll see if the rest of the Spaniards have better luck. There will be a double serving today. The first, that of Team Heretics, who after losing 2-0 against Team Liquid, want to clinch their second victory against a BBL it got better and they beat Team Vitality last Friday by a resounding 2-0. Finally, we will live the first official confrontation between KOI and Karmine Corp.

Matches and schedule today April 27

These two matches, which a priori, as the general classification shows, will be tied, are fundamental. The first because Heretics must have good feelings against a team that has proven to be one of the worst in the competitionand the second for rivalry. KOI and KCorp have been rivals since carp joined together. Now they will have to meet on the server, and we will see who will get the first victory in history.

April 27 Matches

  • 18:00 Team Heretics-BBL Esports
  • 21:00 KOI-Karmine Corp

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